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It's not just about what we do.

The MVMNT App also teaches you how and why it works. How to balance your nervous system, manage chronic stress and anxiety, and explore self-compassion. While we're at it, we'll feature new programs throughout the year for you to explore. Our unique movements and methods remind your body of what it was built for.

The best supplement to CrossFit, Weightlifting or feeling better in life? The Mobility MVMNT App!

Available for TV platforms and apps


Featuring CrossFit Games athlete Saxon Panchik and CrossFit Regionals Athlete Alison Scudds.

MVMNT Snacks are short-formate mobility flows that will help you get your mobility done quickly so that you can focus on the Open. Our Snacks are designed by our team of experts, and they are guaranteed to help you move better.

It's time to increase your capacity for healing and give your body the tools it needs to reset and recover.

The MVMNT App has you covered with mobility and movement exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime.

  • Follow daily mobility routines or explore on your own

  • Stream anytime, anywhere

  • Detailed voice and visual instruction

  • Download videos to watch offline

  • Save your favorites

  • Experience rest and relaxation

  • 400+ Video Library

  • At Home Routines

  • Warm-up Routines and Active Mobility Flows

  • Recovery and Restorative Routines

  • Enjoyed by Thousands

Explore the MVMNT library

The MVMNT library is packed full of follow-along videos to help you practice mindfulness, create relaxation, and help learn how to regulate your nervous system which is vital for long-term health.

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