Daily MVMNT is designed to be completed daily, anywhere, anytime, in addition to your regular WOD schedule. The programming will help you to move better, perform better and reduce your risk of injury.

MVMNT PREP is designed to be done prior to your workouts/ training session or as a way to start your day. These sequences can be done at the gym or wherever you workout as a way to get your body ready for movement.
MVMNT PREP will help you warm up your body, prime your Central Nervous System and help develop better movement patterns.

MVMNT RECOVERY is designed to be done after your workouts or as a way to incorporate movement into your day. These sequences will help you become calm and relaxed, help to recovery your muscles and improve your flexibility.

MVMNT RESTORATIVE is designed to be done when you have more time, these sequences are longer and more relaxed. The sequences are calming and filled with gentle stretching, breath work and designed to down-regulating the central nervous system. Your body will become relaxed; this is important to help your body back to its natural state.

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Many of our videos do not require any equipment besides a comfortable space to lay or sit. We do use bands, blocks, balls, and rollers. These tools are used as assistance and can often be substituted for a pillow or towel.

It all depends on your mobility goals we recommend as often as you can! The Daily MVMNT (most are 10-20 min in length) can be a great way to add mobility work to your life. The more you do anything the more results you receive.

ALL silly. We do focus on CrossFit and Strength sports, but all athletes can benefit from improved flexibility and MVMNT. (Soccer, Dance, Hockey, Football, Race card driving, Horseback riding....the list goes on and on).

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